It’s a Guy Thing

It’s a guy thing to flex a few muscles. It’s a guy a thing to race against time, it’s a guy thing to simply chill. This show is an answer to the perennial question “What men want’. It shows things that Guys love to do…From racing wheels that step up the speedometer to super bikes that burn the tar beneath. Dream gadgets that make a guy feel like the man. Whether its luxurious or adrenaline pumping stuff, It all makes for the DNA of every man.
Ayesha Sharma takes the plunge into the guys’ world and discovers the mean machines, the gadgets that would leave every guy drooling. As an ‘only mens’ lifestyle show, she does everything that guys love to do, wearing her heels… and still leave you wishing for more!
It’s a Guy Thing, looks at everything that is high on aspiration and stuff that most guys can only dream of . It’s a guy thing gives them a closer look at their dreams.
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Porsche Cayenne

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