Imogen Gay Poots (born 3 June 1989) is an English actress. She is best known for playing Tammy in 28 Weeks Later. She is the daughter of English-born Fiona and Trevor Poots, a Northern Ireland-born television producer. When she was a teenager she began attending the Youngblood Theatre Company, and developed a love of acting.
Poots’ initial screen debut was a (2004) role in British medical drama Casualty (1986). She made her big screen debut as Young Valerie in V per Vendetta (2005), then went on to appear in various projects and films, like ‘Need for speed’ (2014).

Need for Speed

Hollywood Premieres



Behind the scenes of “A Country Called Home”
Imogen is in the car

Marie Clare magazine (march 2014)
well, not really a car, but at least we got a wheel …


MARNI FOR H&M commercial


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