Photoshoot of the Week: November 18th-24th 2019 – Julia & Yamaha YZF-R6

The city known as Bismarck, capital of the U.S. state of North Dakota and the county seat of Burleigh County, was formed in 1872 as “Edwinton” after Edwin Ferry Johnson, a chief engineer for the Northern Pacific Railway company back when the railroad reached the eastern banks of the Missouri River. The name was changed less than one year later, honoring German chancellor Otto von Bismarck, in an effort to attract German immigrants. The discovery of gold in the nearby Black Hills of South Dakota the following year was a greater impetus for growth and thousands of miners from the America and all over the world came to the area. In view of all this Bismark is a city of immigants, and immigration has always been at the heart of the American experience and a personal matter for many Americans. Unless you are a Native American descendant of the indigenous peoples who were displaced by the settlers who first came to the country, or an African-American descendant of those who were brought here in bondage as slaves, all Americans are immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. Most of American families are defined by why and how their ancestors came and started their lives in this New World, the hardships they endured, and the successes they realised. Besides immigrants and their children have levels of patriotism that are about the same as those of native-born Americans or that exceed them. For example stunning motorbike socialite Julia reclaims openly her Russian origin but she’s also a proud American citizen who shows her followers the main attractions and the hidden beautiful sights of her beloved hometown Bismark. Her photoshoots with her great Yamaha YZF-R6 are a perfect combination of these two aspects, the incredible beauty and marvellous crazy driving style of Russian bikergirls and the tipically American powerful, strong, sturdy, vigorous need for speed. After all, the biker community is a world community without no borders: if you ride, all world is yours!

Julia & Yamaha YZF-R1 on Ridin'GirlsBlog
Julia (@juliaromanuk) on Instagram: “My baby probably I’ll sell you tomorrow 😔 I’ll miss you so much❤️ I had a lot of fun with you, many great memories 😭😘 Yesterday when I saw somebody riding on my bike, I started crying.. I hope” • published: Jun 17, 2019

Julia & Yamaha YZF-R1 on Ridin'GirlsBlog
Julia (@juliaromanuk) on Instagram: “Давайте знакомиться? Меня зовут Юлия, мне 24 🤗 Училась в педагогическом, а работаю в аэропорту 😂 На данный момент живу в Америке, и так не хочу уезжать🙄😂💕 Let’s meet guys? My name is Julia, I’m 24🤗 I studied at the Pedagogical University, now I work at the airport😂 I live in America and do not want to leave 🙄💕” • published: Jun 6, 2019

Julia & Yamaha YZF-R1 on Ridin'GirlsBlog
Julia (@juliaromanuk) on Instagram: “Всем любви 😋💕” • published: Jun 4, 2019


Julia & Yamaha YZF-R1 on Ridin'GirlsBlog
Julia (@juliaromanuk) on Instagram: “Yesterday was my last ride and photoshoot❤️ I’ll buy another bike soon🔥 Ducati Superbike, Yamaha r1, BMW s1 rr 😈 What do you think guys? Which one? ❤️” • published: Jun 18, 2019

Julia & Yamaha YZF-R1 on Ridin'GirlsBlog
Julia (@juliaromanuk) on Instagram: “Good memories with this baby 🔥❤️” • published: Nov 9, 2019


Julia & Yamaha YZF-R1 on Ridin'GirlsBlog
Julia (@juliaromanuk) on Instagram: “Thank you @ridezza for soooo comfy leggings🔥🔥🔥 I got a lot of compliments today😈😍 My favorite now❤️” • published: Jun 7, 2019

Julia & Yamaha YZF-R1 on Ridin'GirlsBlog
Julia (@juliaromanuk) on Instagram: “One more from my last photosession 🔥❤️” • published: Jun 8, 2019

Julia & Yamaha YZF-R1 on Ridin'GirlsBlog
Julia (@juliaromanuk) on Instagram: “Motorcycle it’s serious fun😈🔥 If you are afraid - never ride a bike 🔞😘” • published: Jun 12, 2019

Julia & Yamaha YZF-R1 on Ridin'GirlsBlog
Julia su Instagram: “What’s your dream bike? 😈🔥 Right now I’m looking for something new, maybe Ducati?🤪🔥” • published: Nov 12, 2019


Since its debut in 1999, the R6 has been the bike of choice for serious 600 class riders and racers. The R6 features a host of great features including ABS brakes with large 320 mm front rotors, 43 mm fully adjustable inverted forks and an R1 inspired body design that is sure to turn heads. The R6 is full of innovation and technology you won’t find on the competitor’s machinery.
Turning the key and turning it off, you might think that this is a rather modest car with an engine speed below 7500 rpm. Continue to twist and bury the needle north of 9000 rpm, and you will encounter a powerful, exciting force. The little kitty R6 is quickly gaining momentum and turning into a screaming hell-cat on command, with an impressive howling inlet to match, and an exhaust note to match.
Although Yamaha Motor Corp., the United States does not publicly declare horsepower, the current YZF-R6 engine has spent a lot of time on a dynamometer
In the R6 chassis, such power is perfect, and I do not speak about it lightly. This is the type of performance when a driver can wrap his head and start commanding, instead of being shy, as someone could be on a 1000-cc superbike, developing about 160+ hp. on the rear wheel.
Unlike Superbike, Super sport does not have the same power to park in corners and fool your way through straight sections. With the 600, you will need to work on braking late, at a cornering speed, and use wide, wide lines to maintain momentum. Be sure if you get a quality time of 600 cu. See the super sport, you will return to the best rider.
Our test bench was equipped with a GYTR YZF-R6 Yamaha quick-change kit, which will cost you $ 200 to buy. As for the “dollar-for-dollar” upgrade, it is at the top of the list and will help you rush through the gearbox in a hurry. It is also clearly designed to work with the R6 ECU right out of the box.
This year, the Yamaha has added three ride modes on the YZF-R6. If you are familiar with Yamaha motorcycles, the choice of A, STD and B is not surprising. A-mode is the most aggressive response of the throttle and at home on the track. The STD is smooth and progressive, and what I have been sticking to most of the time. B-mode has a more relaxed throttle response, which can be useful for new riders on a 600 cc saddle. See or in inappropriate riding conditions. You get full power in all modes, but each of them transmits it in its own way.
Also attached to the party is a six-speed traction control system, which can be turned off if you choose. To save money for Yamaha, and subsequently for the average consumer, a more simplified TC system was developed. It controls the information received from the wheel speed sensors, and accordingly adjusts the ignition time, fuel injection volume and throttle opening.
This means that the R6 does not have the bizarre IMU swagger, which is now in vogue on Superbikes. This would increase the cost of development, and this cost would be transferred to the consumer. Fortunately, Yamaha managed to get its simpler TC system to work quite well.
Yamaha YZF-R6 is an undeniably intuitive machine, agilely agreeing that the entrance you just offer and slashes into the corners as quickly as you like. This is an important feature of this machine – it does what you ask for, and not what it wants. Again, these qualities make it a great tool for riders, wading up from cars with less working volume.
Go ahead, bury the front when braking, and Yamaha will maintain its stability with dignity. The same can be said when you are at the edge of a tire through long wide turns, such as Riverside Buttville. When you go to the throttle and turn on the power, you will complete your turn well.
Buttonwillow, for some, is known as Bumpywillow. This was before it surfaced several years ago, but in some areas, signs of aging begin to show. There is some serious rough asphalt near the top of the Freight Stop and at the exit of Riverside turns. Despite this, the Yamaha R6 did not start walking on the highway. A bit of spring preload and a little more bounce damping did a quick job in these areas, giving us even more confidence in the rest of the track.
With the addition of adjustable electronic assistants to the Yamaha YZF-R6, this meant that the dashboard had to be updated to facilitate these new systems. Today, full-color TFT displays are becoming commonplace. As much as I appreciate the dash on the R1, I’m glad that the Yamaha is stuck with a buzzing analog tachometer and an LCD display mounted on the R6. In the ejection of the tachometer needle in red there is something special that has become an essential attribute of the R6.
SUmming it up, if you want to quickly dial the 600, the Yamaha YZF-R6 2018 is a great place to start this part of your journey!

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Julia Romanuk & Yamaha YZF-R6 on Ridin'GirlsBlog   Julia Romanuk & Yamaha YZF-R6 on Ridin'GirlsBlog on Ridin'GirlsBlog
Julia Romanuk & Yamaha YZF-R6 on Ridin'GirlsBlog

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Как же я начала ездить на мотоцикле? Это произошло случайно, одним вечером мои знакомые предложили мне попробовать, и у меня получилось довольно не плохо Я в жизни не подумала бы что сяду на мотоцикл ‍♀️ Но… как только села, так уже и не могу слезть Было сложно, потому что я не могу двумя ногами достать до земли, и приходится наклонять мотоцикл, а он на секундочку 500 lb. весит Мне нравится скорость, я люблю этот адреналин в крови❤️ А у вас есть мото?

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