Piaggio Beverly is a scooter produced since 2001 by Piaggio. It was available in 125 and 200cc (cubic centimeters) versions at first (4-stroke 4-valve engines) and later in the 125 and 250 with electronic injection.
The 200cc version is equipped with 198cc Piaggio engine L.E.A.D.E.R. while the 250cc is equipped with the new generation of Piaggio engines Q.U.A.S.A.R. which differs from the first by a greater torque at a lower speed while the cubic volume is of 244cc. The restyling of the scooter came after the commercial success of the 200 is in the second half of 2004. The special version of the new 250cc presents: – a new steering design – not removable footrests – chrome on the sides.
In March 2009, it entered the market the version of 300cc (278 cubic centimeters of engine capacity) which joins the 125, 250 and 400 of the Tourer and replaces the 250 of the Cruiser. This new engine offers higher torque at a lower speed and a higher power. Today they are commercially available only Tourer versions and Cruiser in displacements of 125, 250, 300, 400 and 500 cm³. It is currently in production in displacements of 125, 300 and 350 cc.
Piaggio Beverly 2010

Piaggio Beverly Tourer 250

Piaggio Beverly Cruiser 250

Piaggio Beverly 300ie


Piaggio Beverly Tourer 300ie

Piaggio Beverly 500 (2008)

Piaggio Beverly (2010)

Piaggio Beverly 2010

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