Suzuki GSX-R750 is a family of 750 cc sports motorcycles from Suzuki’s GSX-R series of motorcycles. Looking like a Suzuki Endurance racer, it can be considered to be the first affordable, modern racer-replica suitable for road use. It was introduced at the Cologne Motorcycle Show in October 1984.
The air and oil cooled models can be divided into the first generation and second generation, colloquially referred to as ‘slabbies’ and ‘slingshots’ respectively. The 1985-1987 models featured very flat bodies compared to modern sport-bikes, hence the term ‘slab-sided’. The 1988-1991 (1992 USA) models are sometimes referred to as slingshots because the carburetors introduced in 1988 were marketed as slingshot carburetors (slingshot describes the cross section of the semi-flat slide carbs).
All models as of 1996 have employed Suzuki Ram Air Direct, meaning there are air intakes at the front that force air directly into the airbox.
The GSX-R750 (L1-L6) is the currently longest ever produced GSX-R 750 series without any major changes. New model, clean and sleek body style, new headlight, addition of Italian made Brembo brake calipers (front) and Nissin (back). The 2011 model is about 9 kilograms (20 lb) lighter than the previous year’s model. It has a “back torque limiting” clutch that allows for slicker downshifting. A lightweight Showa Big Piston Fork (BPF) comes standard along with a Showa rear shock. Features a more compacted instrument panel which was inspired by the GSX-R1000 instrument panel.

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2015 Suzuki GSX-R750

Haley with the 2015 Suzuki GSX-R750 – Motorcycle USA

Eva Photo Shoot February 2015 – MotoUSA
1989 Suzuki GSX-R750 Special Edition

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