Photoshoot of the Day: February 4th 2019 – Suzuki Beeracing

Busty brunette model girls at the Suzuki stand at the 4th Turin motorshow (Salone dell’Auto di Torino) in Italy (June 2018)

In the spotlight all Suzuki production: from cars, through motorcycles, up to marine engines. Specifically a Swift Sport Beeracing (only 11 units), a 202 HP GSX-R 1000R and 202 kg and a 350-twin-propeller marine engine.

Suzuki Beeracing on RidinGirlsBlog
Suzuki Beeracing on RidinGirlsBlog

Suzuki team decided to set up a GSX-R 1000 R with a totally new livery according to the ECSTAR graphics. A plus for a bike that is making its way into the ultra-technological super-powered super-sports world thanks to features such as ease of driving, effective electronics (which helps to manage the 202 hp of the 4 cylinder declared by Suzuki and a general layout that makes a good ally on the road as well as between the curbs of a circuit. This particular setting was created specifically for the Turin event, as a unique example, but perfectly replicable thanks to the parts available in the accessories catalog – including decals – dedicated to the “Gixxer”. The BeeRacing setting is characterized by a gritty combination of black and yellow, wanted to celebrate the launch of the four-wheel cousin: the sporty Suzuki Swift Sport (also called BeeRacing).

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